Are you feeling that deep inner calling to work with children and help create a better world for them? 

Are you also craving the freedom to choose your own hours and earn a great income, doing work that fulfils your playful,

creative self whilst nurturing your soul?

Are you ready for more freedom of time to do the things you love,

with the people you love to be with, all the while fulfilling your deep desire to make a difference in the world?

And yet … something keeps holding you back?

Do you …

Favicon Rainbow  Know you have immense gifts to share and so much to offer, but don’t have the confidence, skills, or strategy to turn your gifts into a successful business that changes children’s lives?

Favicon Rainbow  Live a “crazy busy” life, working, looking after yourself and your family and find you have very little time to even consider finding and exploring this deep calling?

Favicon Rainbow  Find you have a natural knack of connecting with kids and they gravitate towards you…like a “child-whisperer” and you want them to know that they matter, but not sure how to gift this knowledge to them?

Favicon Rainbow  Feel over-whelmed about the increase the children’s mental health and wellbeing issues and desperately want to help but don’t know where to start?

Favicon Rainbow  Feel that you need to learn new tools to offer children, that is more aligned with your beliefs and values of a whole – child approach, but wondering which course to choose?

Favicon Rainbow  Feel beyond ready to work for yourself, choose your own hours doing work that you love that is playful, magical, creative and that you know, will make a difference, but just waiting for that final sign to take the leap? (This is the sign by the way!)

    We see you and hear you…

    Once Upon a Time…


    Natalie was a deeply sensitive and caring child who found dancing and talking to spirits as being the most natural way of being in the world. Since as far back as she can remember, Natalie always knew she wanted to do a job that helped people. When she found the College of Psychic Studies in London and trained as an energy healer and a Jungian therapist over 30 years ago, Natalie felt she was finally on destiny’s path.

    Fast-forward a few years and she was sitting at her kitchen table, head in hands, in floods of tears. Natalie was exhausted, burnt-out and felt like a fraud. Here she was trying to help other people heal their lives when her own was a mess.

    Natalie wasn’t making enough money doing her healing work full time, and so had to continue doing a corporate recruiting job to pay the bills (shudders). Her body was shutting down, her health was deteriorating, and she was miserable. Natalie felt she had no choice but to give up on having the life she knew she was here to lead.

    She threw her hands up in the air (no like the song because she did care!) and prayed to be shown a way. To cut a long story short, Natalie’s prayers were answered when the modality Chakradance literally poured through her one night with a whizz, band and a pop! The magic had arrived!

    At first Natalie thought it was just a way to help heal herself. Every time she danced, she let go of some more pain and began to feel more alive and vibrant. Natalie’s life began to change in all kinds of amazing ways.

    Friends and clients noticed, and they wanted some of what she was having! Word spread across the lands and Chakradance quickly became her full-time job. Natalie travelled the lands to share Chakradance with whoever was called to experience it (and she’s now worked with many thousands of people sharing the medicine of Chakradance).

    Fast forward a few more years and Natalie was gifted with two beautiful children… and with them the calling to create Chakradance for children! After some beautiful trials (we’ll share more of those in training) Natalie called out once again to the Universe, asking for help; as she knew she couldn’t do this alone.

    And Universe once again delivered…

    Not long after, on one fateful day, the Universe had conspired and fates collided.  The magical ping of an incoming email rang out across the Queendome…

    Cdk Magic Scroll

    Anna had been raised in a creatively nurturing environment, where dance, yoga, writing and talking to spirit was the norm. She had spent years the studying the healing arts for people and animals, yoga teaching, natural medicine and holistic counselling and like many healers on the path of service, was over servicing and rapidly burning out.

    Over these years, she had been drawn to work deeply with the chakras as a way to help others find their own inner magic, through yoga, chanting and mudras and when her own daughter was born, it was as though full permission to create and re-ignite the magical channels was granted!

    Cdk Magic Scroll (1)

    However, the burn out was edging closer and sustaining a wellbeing practice, yoga school, and pouring heart and soul into raising a human was becoming impossible…and the warnings were not headed.

    An angel visited Anna and gave a very clear message to slow down, otherwise something would be presented that would leave no choice. Anna listened but also responded with, ‘yes…soon.’  Two weeks later, Anna had no choice but to stop through an injury that halted all practices and required over a year’s worth of healing on every level.

    Towards the ending of her healing, Anna returned to teaching yoga, focusing mainly on children. Her classes were woven with her stories, magic and of course the chakras. But she could feel something was still missing… Universe had been gently nudging Chakradance towards Anna… and she responded to the call.

    She saw an ad in a Parenting magazine for Facilitator training and there was a resounding YES from her soul. Without having ever tried a class, she signed up for the training and within 3 weeks had sent Natalie an email…she had had a vision and it couldn’t be ignored.

    The email whooshed out like a spirit bird taking flight..landing in Natalie’s inbox with a magical ping…

    And the rest is not history, but the beginning… 12 years later and each chapter we write on our path of helping children across the world, is filled with magic and people like you, who are here to share the journey. We’re writing the Sacred Manual, for children, and their children’s children, filled with enriching and soul nurturing lessons to be passed down.

    Are you ready to write your own chapter and become part of the Chakradance Kids story?


    We are so fortunate to have had this opportunity and experience this terrific program. Chakradance Kids has all the important aspects of Learning. Imagination, creativity, story time, dance, movement, breathing techniques, stress management, coping skills & respect. The Children always felt safe, comfortable and loved. This is a terrific program.


    Chakradance Kids is an amazing program, much loved by our students.

    Matthew Coyle, Principal, Ferny Creek Primary School, Australia

     I would highly recommend this program. The children improved their communication skills; developed better listening skills; became more confident; and their imaginations were stimulated. 

    Clare McCarthy, Principal, Mayo National School, Ireland

    Are you passionate about making a positive impact

    on the world for children?

    If so, this invitation is for you. Whether you’re a parent, early childhood professional, kids yoga teacher, children’s counsellor or psychologist, grandparent or holistic practitioner, the Chakradance™ Kids – Kindy Facilitator Training may be exactly what you need to take your passion for helping children, to the next level.

    By aligning with your soul’s purpose and doing work that creates powerful and positive change in the world, you can make a difference in the lives of children and make this world a better place. This training program will not only guide you on a sacred path to do just that, but also help you create a thriving business and lifestyle for yourself.

    The Chakradance™ Kids – Kindy Facilitator Training is designed to help you change lives and make a deep impact on children’s mental health and wellbeing. With this training, you will be able to help children connect with their inner selves and develop a sense of balance, inner knowing and wholeness.

    Join us on this transformative journey and make a difference in the world for children.

    Cdk Child Website

    Teaching kids how to balance their chakras from an early age will benefit them for life

    Chakras are energy centers located throughout the body, and they play a vital role in our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. When they are blocked or imbalanced, it can lead to a range of issues such as anxiety, depression, and physical ailments. That’s why it’s important to teach kids how to balance their chakras from an early age.

    Chakradance Kids is a powerful modality that helps kids to awaken their inner energy, release negative emotions, and explore who they are in the world. By using modern day fairytales, movement, music and art, Chakradance Kids can help kids to connect with their bodies and emotions in a fun and engaging way. This can lead to improved self-awareness, emotional regulation, and overall well-being.

    Through Chakradance Kids, kids can learn valuable skills such as mindfulness, self-expression, and self-care. These skills can help them to navigate life’s challenges with greater ease and inner strength. Plus, Chakradance Kids is a great way to introduce kids to the world of holistic health and wellness!

    I would highly recommend this program. The children improved their communication skills; developed better listening skills; became more confident; and their imaginations were stimulated.
    CLARE Mccarthy, principal, mayo national school, ireland 
    What a fabulous program for kids to learn about themselves and their emotions. The kids loved going each week and were completely engaged in each week’s activity and stories. We were able to have some great discussions afterwards.
    Beth, parent, Australia
    I'm so excited to be able to share this amazing and magical wellbeing program with children. A lot of work, forethought and theory has gone into this program, from storytelling, the music and vibrational frequency to how the children can move their body and express themselves through art. Learning is always retained best when combined by a visual, auditory and kinesthetic experience, which is how this amazing program is constructed. Absolute geniuses! 
    MELANIE, PRIMARY TEACHER / chakradance™ kids FACILITATOR, QLD, Australia

    In this Certified Facilitator Training, you will:

    Favicon Rainbow   Gain a deep understanding of the chakras, what they are, what each one represents and how important they are to children’s whole-being development.

    Favicon Rainbow   Acquire all the skills, knowledge and materials needed to facilitate nurturing, fun, magical and potent classes for children, empowering them to awaken to their highest potential and expression.

    Favicon Rainbow   Have a deep understanding of leadership and how to hold energetic space

    Favicon Rainbow   Know how to do sacred marketing and sales and run a business that is as heart centred and aligned as it is profitable and successful

    Favicon Rainbow   Tap into the power of a potent global brand and take your work out into the world as you become an empowered, deeply fulfilled, certified facilitator, living a life that feels nourished and supported on all levels

    Favicon Rainbow   Join a tribe of like-minded souls all over the world and be deeply supported by our Chakradance Kids team … and this continues after the training!

    Favicon Rainbow   Step into spiritual, emotional, and financial freedom and make a profound difference in the world.



    Chakradance Kids Logo Gold


    The Chakradance modality (for kids and adults) is a powerful healing practice that involves music, dance and mandala art to explore the chakra system and its impact on our physical and emotional well-being. We begin the training by exploring the foundations of Chakradance, giving you the opportunity to delve deeper into our philosophies and roots in Jungian Psychology.

    During the training, you will also learn about our signature Kindy 9-week live program called ‘The Magic Story Tree.’ This program is designed to engage, encourage and nurture the whole-child’s development and exploration of the world. You will be introduced to our fairytales, movement sequences, specially composed music, meditations and energy techniques that are easily applied to support children’s learning and development.

    In addition to the Kindy program, you will also learn important skills such as Early Childhood Development, Classroom Management and Personal Development. These skills are essential for success in working with children.  

    Overall, the Chakradance Kindy Facilitator training is an excellent opportunity to deepen your understanding of this powerful healing practice, learn new skills, and discover powerful ways to support the growth and development of children.

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    “My daughter who has an attention disorder, loved her experience with Chakradance Kids, it calms her a lot and she says that she loves the story and the drawing part at the end.”  – Marie, Canada

    See what’s included in the 12 Week, online Facilitator Training:

    Iss May Day Magic 11 (1)


    Chakradance™ Kids Foundations

    You will be welcomed into the training with clear guidance preparing you for a successful and enjoyable journey ahead. This module guides you how to:

    • create a sacred container for your Quest, so you’re held and feel supported to really immerse into the training.
    • clearly set your intention so that you have clarity in creating your new reality of transforming your own life and the lives of others
    • getting super clear on your ‘why’ so that you are anchored on your path, even when “life happens” and it gets challenging!

    Also included is a video series by Natalie on the Foundations of Chakradance. This is all about the ‘what’ – what Chakradance is why it’s so powerful. Whether you’re doing the Kids training or adults training, everyone learns the Foundations. This video series offers a deep journey into …

    • the chakra system and why it holds the keys to intensive self-healing and personal luminosity, so you can clear your past and become even more powerful in the work you do
    • Chakradance’s roots in movement therapy and Jungian psychology and how these are used to gently process the energetic blocks, traumas, behaviors, and beliefs that are standing between you and the life you desire, so you can become a confident healer and facilitator and guide others on their journey
    • the beauty and wisdom of mandala art and how to use it to enhance your healing practice
    • energetic tools and practices that peel back the layers to reveal the essence of you and your potential.
    • the healing power of Chakradance music, so you can use vibration and sound to unlock the hidden wisdom and power that resides within each of us




    Where the adventure begins! Meet Nixie The Rainbow Dragon, Guardian of the Magic Story Tree. Immerse yourself into the first lesson of the series, (with a guided video and mp3) you will be delivering once you have successfully completed the training.

    Cdk Magic ScrollThe Magic Story Tree is the biggest tree in the land. Its branches reach all the way to the clouds and its roots burrow deep under the earth. Special stories from all over the world travel to the Magic Story Tree. They are whispered through the roots of trees; they are carried on the breeze, and they even twinkle down from the stars. Meet Nixie the Rainbow Dragon, guardian of the Magic Story Tree and discover how on one fateful day, a grumpy goblin called Grimly almost destroys the magical tree and the stories of the world with his snotty slime. Lesson by lesson, dance by dance, the children from Dragon’s Hollow, help Nixie uncover the magic again…discovering some hidden gems along the way. Welcome to The Magic Story Tree!”


    Discover how you will bring the powerful components of Chakradance Kids to life. Through videos, exercises (physical and energetic) and a workbook, you will discover the benefits and power of each magical component.




    This week you’ll explore the base chakra in-depth and learn about the base chakra lesson that teaches children what instincts feel like in the body; we call them “body whispers.” 

    The base chakra, (located at the base of the spine) is all about our survival in this earthly realm. It drives us to seek everything we need to survive on Earth: food, water, shelter, and safety. For children, this looks like a safe home, food, clothing and relationships that offer a sense of being, belonging and where they know they are safe and loved.


    Cdk Magic ScrollPoppy is a little wild girl who lives in a big cave beneath a giant mountain, with her family the Red Foot Tribe. The Red Foot Tribe’s feet glow red and as they get older, their feet glow more and more. This is because they listen to their body whispers. Body whispers are something our clever bodies do to warn us of danger and to help keep us safe.  One day, Poppy’s family was very busy collecting wood and food for the long winter ahead. She watched her family with their red glowing feet go off into the forest and she wanted to go too. But Poppy wasn’t supposed to go into the forest by herself because she was still learning about body whispers and being safe. But when she sees some wolf puppies playing in the trees, Poppy was so excited to see them that she ran into the forest after them. Poppy finds herself stuck in the sinky, stinky mud and it’s up to the wolves to save her. On her adventure, Poppy learns some very important lessons about listening to her body whispers.” 


    In this workbook, you will explore the magical elements of your role as a Chakradance Kids Facilitator. Delivering the Magic has been designed to assist you in developing and fine-tuning your skills as a storyteller, a playful guide of creative dance and a calming messenger of relaxation and meditation.




    This week you will explore the sacral chakra in-depth and learn about our sacral chakra lesson: healthy emotional expression.

    The sacral chakra (located just below the navel), governs the playful self, our creativity, and our emotions. For children, we explore the sacral chakra through creativity, play and learning about emotional expression, how emotions can feel in the body and how to acknowledge and express feelings, without being engulfed by them.


    Cdk Magic ScrollLily the Mermaid is playing in her favourite place in the whole world, the Moon Pearl. But when it’s time to go in for her dinner, Lily has a big reaction that has an even bigger impact. A giant wave picks her up and carries her far away from home. Finding herself lost at sea and unable to move her tail, Lily learns how big emotions can make our bodies feel stuck, and how our emotions can impact the world around us. With the help of her friend Dolphin, Lily discovers that using her breath can help her to move again, and to express her feelings without being swept out to sea.”


    We will introduce you to several early learning and development theories. We have selected those theories regarded by childhood development experts as the most influential, and we will provide you with a basic understanding of how you can use this knowledge in helping children in your classes. Some of the theories you will explore include:


    This workbook will also provide you with a deeper insight into how and why Chakradance Kids is such a powerful modality for child development.




    The solar plexus chakra acts as a personal sun by generating and distributing energy, vibrating to the color of yellow. The solar plexus chakra is where the inner-warrior lies, just waiting to be activated. As you explore this chakra in-depth, you will discover ways to help empower children with healthy self-esteem, self-confidence, how to help them deal with bullying and how to set personal boundaries.


     Cdk Magic ScrollLoki goes to Little Warriors Club, and he can’t wait to go to school! He wants to be a brave and strong lion, just like his dad. Loki and his friends love to play lions and warriors.  One day, there is lots of excitement at Little Warriors Club, because a brand-new playground had been built. There were tunnels and big logs to jump on, lots of sand pits and even a frog bog. In the very middle of the playground there was a giant pyramid to climb up with a big yellow slide to whizz down.  Loki climbs the big slide ladder, only to freeze at the top. He gets rescued by his Dad but he is too afraid to try again. On this adventure, Loki learns a very important lesson, that he can be brave in his very own way, even if that means saying no.” 


    This workbook is delivered in two sections: theoretical and practical.

    The theory section provides you with the knowledge to develop positive methods of classroom management, ensuring that your interaction with children aligns with the integrity and philosophy of Chakradance Kids.

    This includes:

    • Learning and developing strategies to work with children who have behavioral challenges, poor self-esteem and/or physical challenges.
    • The practical section provides you with simple tools and techniques you can apply in class. 

    Favicon Rainbow DELIVERING THE MAGIC WORKBOOK This week your will explore all of the magical elements you will require, as an Chakradance™ Kids Facilitator. In this fun week of arts and ‘the crafts,’ you will learn how to:

    • Activate imaginations with storytelling
    • Guide playful, expressive movement and dance
    • Deliver deeply calming and relaxing meditations

    You will also start to create your facilitator’s magic toolkit, and learn how to wield these essential tools during class.

    From creating your magical center-pieces, talking stick and class board, to ringing the chimes and making magic bubbles, you will discover the important role each one of these tools has in our classes.




    The heart chakra’s true purpose is to help us experience the joy of loving and receiving love. Located at the center of the chest, the heart chakra balances the energies of our lower and upper chakras – ‘we feel it as the breath that dances and weaves between body and spirit. In this workbook you will explore the qualities of the heart chakra and explore how to teach children about self-care and compassion for themselves and others. 


    Cdk Magic ScrollWillow is a Winged One who lives with her Mum and Dad in a tree house in a great big forest. Willow loves to go flying with her mom and dad and help the animals.   But one day, Willow’s mom and dad brought home a new baby brother and suddenly, Willow’s world was turned upside down. Willow had to share her mom and dad at breakfast time. She had to share her mom and dad in the forest when they were helping animals. She even had to share her bedtime stories. Willow wasn’t feeling like she was special anymore and her bright green wings begin to fade.  Willow becomes very upset and runs away. She is helped by some very special deer friends and learns a very important lesson about jealousy, being kind to yourself and to others.”


    This workbook really isn’t “work.” You will be wielding a glue gun, crafting scissors and activating your imagination as you are guided to create you magical class center piece and other magic tools that you will be using in your classes. Be warned, you will never walk past a craft, thrift or crystal store again without filling your cauldron with goodies to take home and play with! It’s ok though, you will have our full support ALL the way! 




    The throat chakra, more than any other, governs our relationship with vibrations and resonance. We can resonate with the vibrations of music, people, ideas, environments and even the universe. The throat chakra is the energy centre of self-expression, specifically the expression of the truth and purity of your spirit as you journey through this life.

    This week you will explore the throat chakra in-depth and learn ways to teach children about the importance of being their authentic selves, using their own unique ways to express themselves and find their place in the world.


     Cdk Magic ScrollTom lives with his family on Elephant Jungle Mountain. Elephant Jungle Mountain is so big, that, when you are at the very top, you can touch the clouds.   Tom’s best friends are the elephants, and he visits them every day.  Tom isn’t like the other children in the village, and he often feels left out because no one understands him. But the elephants do. When Tom talks, he hums and makes low grumbling sounds in his throat, just like the elephants. The elephants understand Tom and Tom understands the elephants. One day at Kindy, Tom was selected for show and tell. He had been dreading this because he was different and didn’t talk like the others. Tom runs out of the room and to his friends the elephants. The children and his teacher visit Tom and his friends the elephants for a very special show and tell. Together, they learn that everyone is different and that’s ok.”


    This workbook will guide you through the practical steps of running a class from start to finish. This includes:

    • Preparing yourself – mindset, energy and intention leading up to your classes
    • Preparing the class space – physically and energetically
    • Delivering the class – step by step
    • After the class – documentation, clearing the space physically and energetically
    • Letting Go  – mindset, energy clearing, your wellbeing after class



    Awakening the third eye chakra opens us to higher levels of perception and allows us to gain a greater awareness and direction in life through the use of our imagination and intuition.

    This week, you will explore how children use their third eye chakra, particularly through visualisation and dreaming, to activate their imaginations for guidance, clear thinking, intuition and, how to recognise signs through dreams.


       Cdk Magic ScrollMaia and her horse Star are the best of friends. Every day Maia and Star play outside and at night Maia sits with Star in the barn and shares her bedtime story. Maia would tell Star that she wished she could grow enormous wings and they could fly off together to visit magical lands. One day, Maia was telling Star about a new story they were going to read that night when she learns that she must go to her Grandma’s to stay. Maia becomes upset because she wanted to read her story with Star. That night, she has trouble falling asleep until her Grandma teaches her how to go on a special adventure in her dreams. Maia learns that the power of her imagination and dreaming can make almost anything come true… just not in the way she thought it would.” 


    This workbook will guide you through the practical aspects of running classes in the online space. Whilst the world has thankfully returned to classes being held in person, there are still ongoing reasons why children might not be able to attend live classes. 

    In this workbook, we will dive in a little deeper to these reasons and how online classes can have a tremendous impact on kids in this space. You will learn:

    • the safest platforms to use
    • A guide on helping prepare the child’s space
    • Preparing your space
    • Running the class from start to finish (with a different set of classroom management techniques and tips)
    • After class care – for the child and you 



    The crown chakra, located at the top of the head acts as the gateway to higher realms of consciousness. The brain and central nervous system, as well as the pituitary gland, which is responsible for promoting growth of the physical body, are nourished by the crown chakra. The life force that permeates all the chakras, the whole body, mind and spirit system, enters us through Crown.

    This week, you will learn how to show children about problem solving from a higher perspective and exploring different ways that they are connected to the earth and to everyone around them. 


    Cdk Magic ScrollAriki was turning five and he was having a pirate party. All his friends from Kindy were invited and everyone was very excited. Ariki was swept up in hugs and “Happy Birthdays” and “open my present first.” Everyone wanted to be next to Ariki because he was the star of the day. At first, Ariki was having lots of fun. He was having the best birthday ever. But after a while, this started to change. The music became too loud, the yelling and running with his friends became too much, and all the “Happy Birthdays” and attention from everyone felt like a big messy jumble of colors, sounds and too many people. Ariki became over-whelmed.  But Ariki’s Grandpa takes him on a special adventure, high above the land. Ariki learns that he has the power to grow mind wings and help himself when he is feeling anxious and over-whelmed.” 


    In this workbook you’ll learn all the skills necessary to conduct private in-person and online individual sessions. You’ll learn how to:

    • facilitate private sessions as a 9-part series, or based on a specific theme tailored for the needs of the child
    • tune into what the child needs and personalize the session for a deeper healing experience
    • hold a space of nurturing and care, whils still maintaining sacred boundaries, so you can support them through their healing experience and always feel safe, energized, and secure in your personal power.




     Now that you have experienced the full Kindy program, it’s time to take stock of all you’ve learned. In this module, you’ll:

    • Bring your learning full circle by deeply evaluating what you’ve learned over your Chakradance Kids training journey, so you can be fully prepared to become a Chakradance Kids Facilitator! 
    • Re-visit and reflect on the Chakradance Kids Principles and how you can integrate them into your life and business

    Favicon Rainbow LESSON NINE: NIXIE THE RAINBOW DRAGON’S PARTY PLAYBOOK Welcome to the final lesson of The Magic Story Tree program.

    Cdk Magic Scroll This integration class offers children a magical experience as they return to the Magic Story Tree. They discover how their own magic has helped Nixie the Rainbow Dragon and the Magic Story Tree, whilst discovering their own inner magic along the way.


    To successfully complete your Chakradance Kids – Kindy Facilitator Training, you are required to submit a recorded full live class, of you delivering the intro class. In this workbook, you will be given the full class script of the Intro Class, plus everything you need to know, step by step to help you prepare, deliver and submit your demonstration. 

    Cdk Kindy 1



    Favicon RainbowThis week you will continue to bring together all you have learned on your training journey, as you prepare for and deliver your final assessment. 

    You will also be invited to complete: 

    • self reflection exercises
    • mindset and intention setting 
    • reviewing the Chakradance Kids Principles and Code of Conduct

    Here’s everything you get inside the Chakradance Kindy Facilitator Training

    Favicon Rainbow Videos to guide you through The Magic Story Tree program that you will be facilitating, that includes every, tip and trick in the playbook!

    Favicon Rainbow Playbooks and exercises to help you deepen your own chakra knowledge and learn the skills needed to facilitate your own Chakradance Kids classes, workshops, mini – retreats, and events.

    Favicon Rainbow Support in our private Facebook group where you can connect with a tribe of like-minded, beautiful souls like yourself. Our Chakradance Kids team will also be available daily to support and guide you, keep you accountable and cheer you on your Chakradance Kids Facilitator journey.

    Favicon Rainbow Regular Zooms (recorded if you can’t make it live) to get hands-on support and guidance with Chakradance Kids Founders, Anna Kelly & Natalie Southgate.

    Favicon Rainbow Plus some other awesome gifts and BONUSES! (these bonuses are epic…read on)

    Cdk Crystals




    Chakradance Kids

    Kindy Facilitator Training


    This epic training is like a magic Quest, where you will discover pots of knowledge, streams of wisdom, glistening gems to share with children and plenty of connection, not only with your passion, purpose and mission but with other amazing souls similar to you. It’s like Hogwarts for grown-ups! Or the ‘Caravan of Courage’ through the forest with the Ewoks. Excited yet?

    Stepping stone by stepping stone, and chakra by chakra, Anna will guide you on your own magical quest, and teach you everything you need to know to become a soul – fulfilled, magic wielding, child whispering boss of your own lunchbox…(imagine your lunchbox is huge…bigger than infinity).

    Cdk Fairytales

    INVEST IN DISCOVERING YOUR OWN INNER MAGIC – release personal obstacles, emotional baggage, outdated patterns and beliefs and step fully into your truth, power, and creativity. 

    INVEST IN HELPING CHILDREN DISCOVER THEIR INNER MAGIC – make a profound difference in your community by facilitating magical, playful AND educational classes, empowering children with wellbeing tools and skills whilst helping them activate their inner wisdom

    INVEST IN GROWING YOUR OWN SOUL-ALIGNED THRIVING BUSINESS – run a business that is as fulfilling and aligned with your whole-being as it is profitable and powerful and live the lifestyle of your dreams. 

    The Chakradance Kids – Kindy Facilitator Training takes just 12 weeks and is like multiple trainings in one.

    Invest in this in-depth training and receive everything you need to empower yourself and start your business for: 

    US $1950

    (payment plans available)


    We are so fortunate to have had this opportunity and experience this terrific program. Chakradance Kids has all the important aspects of Learning. Imagination, creativity, story time, dance, movement, breathing techniques, stress management, coping skills & respect. The Children always felt safe, comfortable and loved. This is a terrific program.


    Chakradance Kids is an amazing program, much loved by our students.

    Matthew Coyle, Principal, Ferny Creek Primary School, Australia

     I would highly recommend this program. The children improved their communication skills; developed better listening skills; became more confident; and their imaginations were stimulated. 

    Clare McCarthy, Principal, Mayo National School, Ireland

    Have Questions?…

    The training is all home-based learning, with guided support throughout. Your training videos, mp3’s, playbooks, and bonus Chakradance Daily Practice will be accessed via a members portal. Support will take place in a private Facebook group, and all Zoom sessions will be recorded and shared in the group.

    This is a part time course designed to be integrated into your life. We recommend allowing approximately 4 hours each week for dedicated experiential learning. You may find yourself within the realms of training more though, as it’s just so magical and fun!

    Each training is held within a 12-week time frame, focusing on one module per week, with dedicated support throughout. To gain the most value from the training, we recommend you commit to engaging in the training in alignment with the schedule. However, if unforeseen circumstances hold you back, you can complete the training in your own time. We do however request that you complete the training requirements and apply for your license within 6 months of starting the training.

    A. We know this training falls over the Christmas period so we have extended the final assessment submission date to mid January. This will give you plenty of time to complete your training and start your classes early in the new year!

    A. You can join another training within 12 months of enrolment, but you will be required to pay a ‘re-join’ fee of US$500.

    A. There is no risk in enrolling. If you decide that the Chakradance Facilitator Training isn’t for you, no problem! You can contact us 14 days from the start date and we will give you your money back. We don’t offer refunds after 14 days.

    Once you have successfully completed the training, you will be eligible to purchase your Chakradance Kids License which is US $350 annually. This license gives you the legal rights to use the Chakradance trademark, proprietary music, and course materials for Chakradance Kids live programs. Your license also grants you access to the Kindy Facilitator Toolkit*,  as well as ongoing support from the Chakradance Kids team.

    *The Kindy Facilitator Toolkit includes logos, branding materials, promotional materials, sales documents, copy swipe files, imagery, videos, ‘featured in’ media logos, and testimonials. You will also receive a full set of course materials for ‘The Magic Story Tree’ program as well as festival and workshop pieces. Additional courses will be available for you to purchase as they are completed.

    Annual Facilitator License – $350 as mentioned in previous question.

    Toolkit – consider costs of art materials (crayons, paper, center-piece items).

    Music Speaker – you will need a decent, preferably portable speaker in order for our music to be experienced effectively. There are many great, affordable options on the market.

    IICT Association Membership – offers great discounts on Professional Indemnity Insurance. Our Facilitators are offered exclusive discounts Visit IICT

    First Aid Training – not a requirement but we highly recommend you have basic first aid skills to ensure you can provide emergency assistance in your classes if necessary.

    As a licensed Facilitator, you will be welcomed in to our supportive, global tribe held in a private Facebook group. Here you will become part of a like-minded community, make life-long friends, and be deeply supported on your Chakradance Kids Facilitator journey. Our Chakradance Kids team will be there to support you, and you will receive continued guidance from founders, Anna Kelly and Natalie Southgate.



    I would highly recommend this program. The children improved their communication skills; developed better listening skills; became more confident; and their imaginations were stimulated.
    CLARE Mccarthy, principal, mayo national school, ireland 
    What a fabulous program for kids to learn about themselves and their emotions. The kids loved going each week and were completely engaged in each week’s activity and stories. We were able to have some great discussions afterwards.
    Beth, parent, Australia
    I'm so excited to be able to share this amazing and magical wellbeing program with children. A lot of work, forethought and theory has gone into this program, from storytelling, the music and vibrational frequency to how the children can move their body and express themselves through art. Learning is always retained best when combined by a visual, auditory and kinesthetic experience, which is how this amazing program is constructed. Absolute geniuses! 
    MELANIE, PRIMARY TEACHER / chakradance™ kids FACILITATOR, QLD, Australia

    Imagine what it would feel like to…

    Favicon Rainbow leap out of bed in the morning (or at least happily shuffle until you’re caffeinated), knowing that you have finally let go of what has been holding you back and you’re about to spend your day doing something that helps children and fills your soul with pure joy

    Favicon Rainbow finally share your gifts as a playful, nurturing, passionate being who is making a difference in the world for children

    Favicon Rainbow run your own business your way, in your time and create an abundant income, whilst being in deep alignment with your soul purpose


    Favicon Rainbow pour your knowledge, experience and gifts into your business, knowing that you’re making direct impact on the children you’re working with AND their communities… the ripple on effect is powerful!

    Favicon Rainbow break free from the 9-5 and choose your own hours that suit you and your family

    Favicon Rainbow not feel alone in your soul purpose and mission, but to be deeply supported by a team that you know has your back, and a tribe of like-minded souls all over the world

    Close your eyes and take some deep breaths in and out… imagine what it would feel like…

    BONUS #1   Chakradance Daily Practice


    You can only take people to the places you have been…

    That’s why this training is also focused on your own experience and healing journey through the chakras.

    Through the Chakradance Daily practice, you will:

    Cdk Favicon Gold reconnect with the wisdom of your body and trust your own instincts.

    Cdk Favicon Gold re-ignite your passion, by embracing your sacred feminine energy.

    Cdk Favicon Gold reclaim your personal power, by embodying your sacred masculine energy.

    Cdk Favicon Gold release the hurts you hold in your heart, and open up to forgiveness, compassion and love.

    Cdk Favicon Goldrediscover your creative expression, and find your authentic voice.

    Cdk Favicon Gold reawaken your intuition and imagination and gain heightened insight into your life.

    Cdk Favicon Gold remember your spiritual connection and find a sense of sacredness in your life.

    Iss Fantasy Kaleidoscope 8

    Each week you during the journey through the main chakra lessons in The Magic Story Tree program, you will receive:

    Cdk Favicon Gold a video introduction to the new chakra

    Cdk Favicon Gold a video of the daily Chakradance practice

    Cdk Favicon Gold an audio file for you to dance

    Cdk Favicon Gold an audio file of a guided meditation

    Cdk Favicon Gold an information PDF

    BONUS #2 Chakradance Kids – Business School 

    Enrol in our October 2023 Chakradance Kids – Kindy Facilitator Training and once you’ve completed, you’ll also receive Chakradance Kids Business School Program for FREE (Retail Price is US $2000).

    The Chakradance Kids Business School is a power packed program that will help you weave your soul mission with your business mission (if you don’t know it yet this program will help you discover it!), so you can create a business and lifestyle you love.

    You will become crystal clear on how you can reach your soul client (kids) and discover your niche. You will deep dive into sacred marketing strategies, learn a heart-centred sales process and discover how to confidently and comfortably charge premium pricing.

    Iss Fairytale Fantasy 15 (1)

    Natalie and Anna will share their 50+ years combined, of business experience and cover topics such as ‘the vibration of money and abundance’, sacred boundaries, energetic tools for time management, creating partnerships, as well as tips and gems they have learned along the way.

    You will complete the program by creating your own personalized business and lifestyle plan, which you embody and dance into life.

    Even if you have taken other business courses, this program is highly unique to growing a Chakradance Kids business (and it won’t bore you to snores!)

    Take a peek inside the Chakradance Kids Business School Program… it’s awesome! 

    This program will be unlocked once you have completed your Chakradance Kids – Kindy Facilitator Training. You can work through the lessons at your own pace and return to them again and again as you grow your business.

    MODULE 1


    In this module, you’ll learn how to:

    • package up your Chakradance Kids offerings
    • create mini-retreats and workshops that you can deliver on weekends, at festivals, etc.
    • position and price your offerings to soul-aligned clients, so you can help support positive changes in their lives
    • get crystal clear on exactly who your soul clients are and how to reach them with ease
    • ensure your message is potent and clear for all those people who are searching for you and your work
    • how to include powerful stories as part of your marketing map

    MODULE 2


    With soulful sales, you’ll unlock the key to abundance and growth in your business, so you can impact more young people while ensuring your own well-being.

    In this module, you’ll learn how to:

    • marketing strategies, including the foundations of social media and email marketing, masterclasses, and video marketing, so that your message reaches your soul clients, wherever they are
    • inspiring ways to create consistent marketing content that helps you shine, serve, and sell your Chakradance Kids offerings with ease
    • how to do marketing that is honest, transparent, generous, and creative, and helps you attract clients you adore who pay you what you are worth
    • how to tap into the power of a global brand and take your work out into the world as you become an empowered, deeply fulfilled Facilitator, living a life that feels nourished and supported on all levels
    • how to sell in a way that feels sacred (not stinky), so you can feel confident in the integrity of what you do and in asking to be well compensated for it.

    MODULE 3


    This module prepares you to become the BOSS of your own healing business. With magic, movement, rhythm, and passion at the helm, it’s time to soar and grow the business of your dreams.

    In this module, you’ll learn how to:

    • weave together energy and strategy to create a business and lifestyle you love
    • use Chakradance Kids itself to create your business strategy, so even building a business flows for you
    • set up your new Chakradance Kids business, or incorporate it into your current business structure
    • create a solid business plan and how to interact with it daily to bring it to life
    • create solid foundations for your business including securing venues, insurances, licenses, secure payments, and everything else needed to grow a thriving healing business
    • seek out partnerships with collaborators to support you and your vision for expansion
    • bring healing to your money wounds and step into the vibration of abundance

    Here’s everything you get inside the Chakradance Kids Business School Bonus

    • Video teachings that will help you have the financial freedom, and the business structure to create a balanced life for yourself and your family where you can take time off, nurture yourself, and serve from a place of wholeness.
    • workbooks and exercises to help you unlock the skills to keep you thriving in your sacred and beautiful business
    • audio file for a ‘soulful sales meditation’ which will help you clear away any old stories, fears, beliefs, or resistances you may have about marketing or selling your sacred work and being financially compensated for it
    • audio file for you to dance your business and lifestyle plan and bring your dreams to life.
    Cdk Fairytales




    What others have said about Chakradance Kids

    These stories are so clever. I love the language and how everything aligns perfectly! Such great relevant tools for children  – Ginny Waide , Chakradance Kids Facilitator, AUS


    “Thank you Anna and Natalie for your wisdom, friendship and connection. I feel so honoured to be delivering this magic to as many children as I can.” Mary Diamond, Chakradance Kids Facilitator, AUS


    “We are so fortunate to have had this opportunity and experience this terrific program. Chakradance Kids has all the important aspects of Learning. Imagination, creativity, story time, dance, movement, breathing techniques, stress management, coping skills & respect. The children always felt safe, comfortable and loved. This is a terrific program.”  – Doreen, Teacher, Canada


    “Your Programs are Brilliant and can help so many children and adults all over the world. Yes, I also wish that your programs were around when I was young. I sadly know so many people who would be different people today if your programs were available when they were younger. Some might even be alive today. Incredibly Awesome.” – Jodee, Teacher, USA


    “I work full time, Director of an Early Childhood Program. The program is fascinating and opens up a world of imagination. I love teaching it. The stories open up discussion and help children prepare and think. The creative movement part is moving to the rhythm and feel of the music. Telling the story with your body. The creative art is helping children expand on what they learned. I have taken photos of their mandalas. They are so beautiful! The children also learn to connect to their breath, learning skills on how to calm themselves. I highly recommend Chakradance Kids!”  – Claudine, Director Early Childhood Center, Canada