What is Chakradance™ Kids?

Stories, Music, Movement and art

Chakradance™ Kids (formerly inamojo™) offers Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) programs for children of Kindy and Primary ages.


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Life lessons and learning experiences

The stories have been written to teach important life-lessons in ways that children can understand, and find engaging.

They then get to ‘feel’ their way into each story by embodying the characters in a music and movement session, before expressing their feelings about the story in a piece of creative art.

Relaxation and emotional self-management techniques such as belly-breathing and mindfulness are also taught in these classes. Each class follows the same format, but each focuses on a different theme and learning experience.

A journey towards wellbeing

We have Kindy and Primary Programs. 

More info coming soon.

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The structure of OUR programs

Class 1: Introduction to the story and characters

Class 2: Trusting your instincts

Class 3: Feeling and managing your emotions

Class 4: Self-esteem, confidence, courage

Class 5: Compassion and kindness

Class 6: Truthful communication

Class 7: Imagination, dreams and goals

Class 8: Self-awareness and belonging

Class 9: Integration and celebration

I would highly recommend this program. The children improved their communication skills; developed better listening skills; became more confident; and their imaginations were stimulated.
CLARE Mccarthy, principal, mayo national school, ireland 
What a fabulous program for kids to learn about themselves and their emotions. The kids loved going each week and were completely engaged in each week’s activity and stories. We were able to have some great discussions afterwards.
Beth, parent, Australia
I'm so excited to be able to share this amazing and magical wellbeing program with children. A lot of work, forethought and theory has gone into this program, from storytelling, the music and vibrational frequency to how the children can move their body and express themselves through art. Learning is always retained best when combined by a visual, auditory and kinesthetic experience, which is how this amazing program is constructed. Absolute geniuses! 
MELANIE, PRIMARY TEACHER / chakradance™ kids FACILITATOR, QLD, Australia