Frequently Asked Questions

About Chakadance™ Kids

Our initial program is for children 5-8 years old.

We currently have two programs available or Kindy (3-5 year olds) and Primary (5-9 year olds). Tweens and Teens is in development. 

In every Chakradance™ Kids class, children are invited to relax and listen to one of our signature fairy tales, that weave magic and modern day life-lessons. We then bring the story to life through movement and free-form expressive dance, enabling the child a non-verbal avenue to express their feelings. Our exclusively developed and owned music and soundscapes are woven with key sound therapy attributes to further enhance and deepen the child’s experience. We then invite each child to create their own mandala based artwork, designed to grounding their experience into the world as a tangible source. 

This combination of auditory, somatic and creative experiences leads to much deeper, more engaged and long-lasting learning.

At the beginning and end of each class, children are also guided through other wellbeing techniques such as breath-awareness, mindfulness, meditation and belly-breathing, to help with emotional self-regulation and relaxation.

We often get asked if our Kids classes can be used with adults for “inner-child” work. In short, the answer is no, these classes are for children only.

However, Chakradance, the parent company is just for grown-ups and there are a number of wonderful programs available both online and in live classes. You can learn more about Chakradance for grown-ups here –

Classes are designed to be run for around 40-60 minutes, however we also have options for 30 minutes sessions that can be particularly helpful to integrate into the school curriculum or kindy day. 

No, Chakradance™ Kids is deliberately designed to be inclusive and non-denominational. However, we do talk about chakras and the energy system as equally as we talk about the physical, mental and emotional bodies. We are all about the child’s “whole-being.”

We highly recommend that children experience the same series a number of times.

Repetition enables children to garner a deeper learning and understanding of the concepts and wellbeing tools they are taught in these classes.

Our aim is to release new programs for both ages groups annually.  

About the Training

Our 12-week training is delivered online. You will have access to videos, workbooks and playbooks bursting with content and. You will also be invited to join our interactive and supportive private training group on Facebook.

No. While we welcome people who are children’s educators, the training is open to parents, coaches, yoga teachers, healers, healthcare workers, counsellors, dance teachers, grandparents… anyone with a passion to to make a different to the lives of children through a powerful holistic movement modality.

That’s up to you. On successful completion of the training, you will be invited to take out a Licence as a Chakradance™ Kids Facilitator, but you will be running your own business, setting your own goals, rates, hours of work etc.

Education settings will vary depending on the size, etc of classes. In other settings, working with smaller groups, fees range between $20-30 per class. Individual sessions are recommended between $70 – $100 per session. Rates and other business management is covered in training.

You’d need to check with your local authority. There are thousands of Continuing Education credit schemes, and they are all different all around the world. 

The fact that we are IICT-accredited helps in many cases, but some authorities only give Credits in respect of trainings operated by providers who have paid to be on their own list, and we are not able to do that.

We offer a payment plan of 4 payments over the course of the 12 week training. At this stage we don’t offer an extended payment plan.

No. Because we are all in different time-zones around the world, there are no set times that you need to join online classes, etc.

Everything is available for you to download whenever suits you, and you are free to do the work each week at whatever times suit your own schedule.

However, we do encourage you to join the private training group on Facebook and become an active member to get the most out of your training.

We charge an annual Licence Fee (currently $300 per year) for your use of the Chakradance™ Kids brand and programs.

This fee also covers your use of our comprehensive, and regularly-updated toolkit of resources, plus ongoing help and support from us, your listing on our website and your membership of the private Facilitators Circle on Facebook.

When we introduce additional programs for you to run, this will be at additional cost but we aim to keep costs as supportive to our facilitators as possible.

Other costs (not from us) will include: 

  • ‘working-with-children’ clearance from your local authorities
  • highly recommended first-aid certification
  • Professional Liability Insurance
  • other business set up expenses (website, etc if you require one)

Depending on where you’ll be working, you may need to purchase:

  • a good portable speaker
  • cushions or yoga-mats for the children to sit on
  • art materials (paper and crayons)

We highly recommend you work with an assistant, particularly for larger groups, specialised groups, workshops and public events. We cover this topic thoroughly in our training. 

On successful completion of this training, you will be entitled to take out a Licence as a Chakradance™ Kids Facilitator.

The Licence covers our commitments to each other, such as:

  • We licence you to use our brand, and run our programs for children, in accordance with the training.
  • We commit to treating you fairly at all times, to help and support you as best we can, and to include you on our website.
  • You commit to running the programs as trained, using the approved materials, NOT changing, hybridising or re-branding them.
  • You also commit to respecting and protecting the children in your classes, and not saying or doing anything that might bring Chakradance™ Kids into disrepute.

If you would like to see a copy of our license agreement prior to commencing your training, please get in contact with us. 

We offer a 14 day money back guarantee. 

We have trainees and facilitators all over the world. So we choose to price in USD as that’s the currency that most people around the world most easily understand.

If yours is a different currency, exchange rates fluctuate from day to day, but you can easily run a Google search for today’s exchange rate between USD and your currency.

In any case, although the prices on this site show in USD, you will be charged (by either your card-issuer or PayPal) the equivalent amount in your own currency.

We take your Privacy extremely seriously. We aim to be, and we believe that we are, fully compliant with all relevant legislation, including the new GDPR for people living in countries in the European Union. You can read our full Privacy Policy here.