It’s time to light up the world!

Now more than ever, children, families and educators need whole community approaches to help deal with the devastating impacts that the Covid pandemic has had. With the over-whelming increase in mental health issues, developmental delays, increased behavioural issues and attachment disorders, our children are in crisis. Their support networks; parents, carers and educators are also in urgent need of help and support. 


About The Magic Story Tree 

Kindy Program

Kindy is where it all began for us over 10 years ago. When Natalie and I met, our youngest children were 4, and we created a magical program especially for their age-group. As the years progressed and our children moved through the primary years, we changed, tweaked and moved our program to meet the needs of the next age group.

In this program you will find more movement, more easily applied energy techniques for kids and the most magical stories that will engage, encourage and nurture the whole-child’s development and exploration of the world.

We’re so excited to bring this to you!

Anna x


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Where the adventure begins! Meet Nixie The Rainbow Dragon, Guardian of the Magic Story Tree.

The Magic Story Tree is the biggest tree in the land. Its branches reach all the way to the clouds and its roots burrow deep under the earth. Special stories from all over the world travel to the Magic Story Tree. They are whispered through the roots of trees; they are carried on the breeze, and they even twinkle down from the stars.

Meet Nixie the Rainbow Dragon, guardian of the Magic Story Tree and discover how on one fateful day, a grumpy goblin called Grimly almost destroys the magical tree and the stories of the world with his snotty slime.

Lesson by lesson, dance by dance, the children from Dragon’s Hollow, help Nixie uncover the magic again…discovering some hidden gems along the way.

Welcome to The Magic Story Tree!



Poppy is a little wild girl who lives in a big cave beneath a giant mountain, with her family the Red Foot Tribe.  

The Red Foor Tribe’s feet glow red and as they get older, their feet glow more and more. This is because they listen to their body whispers. Body whispers are something our clever bodies do to warn us of danger and to help keep us safe. 

One day, Poppy’s family was very busy collecting wood and food for the long winter ahead. She watched her family with their red glowing feet go off into the forest and she wanted to go too. But Poppy wasn’t supposed to go into the forest by herself because she was still learning about body whispers and being safe. But when she sees some wolf puppies playing in the trees, Poppy was so excited to see them that she ran into the forest after them.  

Poppy finds herself stuck in the sinky, stinky mud and it’s up to the wolves to save her. On her adventure, Poppy learns some very important lessons about listening to her body whispers.  



Lily the Mermaid is playing in her favourite place in the whole world, the Moon Pearl. But when it’s time to go in for her dinner, Lily has a big reaction that has an even bigger impact. A giant wave picks her up and carries her far away from home.  

Finding herself lost at sea and unable to move her tail, Lily learns how big emotions can make our bodies feel stuck, and how our emotions can impact the world around us.  

With the help of her friend Dolphin, Lily discovers that using her breath can help her to move again, and to express her feelings without being swept out to sea. 




Loki goes to Little Warriors Club, and he can’t wait to go to school! He wants to be a brave and strong lion, just like his dad. Loki and his friends love to play lions and warriors. 

One day, there is lots of excitement at Little Warriors Club, because a brand-new playground had been built. There were tunnels and big logs to jump on, lots of sand pits and even a frog bog. In the very middle of the playground there was a giant pyramid to climb up with a big yellow slide to whizz down. 

Loki climbs the big slide ladder, only to freeze at the top. He gets rescued by his Dad but he is too afraid to try again. On this adventure, Loki learns a very important lesson, that he can be brave in his very own way, even if that means saying no. 




Willow is a Winged One who lives with her Mum and Dad in a tree house in a great big forest. Willow loves to go flying with her mom and dad and help the animals.  

But one day, Willow’s mom and dad brought home a new baby brother and suddenly, Willow’s world was turned upside down. Willow had to share her mom and dad at breakfast time. She had to share her mom and dad in the forest when they were helping animals. She even had to share her bedtime stories. Willow wasn’t feeling like she was special anymore and her bright green wings begin to fade. 

Willow becomes very upset and runs away. She is helped by some very special deer friends and learns a very important lesson about jealousy, being kind to yourself and to others.  



Tom lives with his family on Elephant Jungle Mountain. Elephant Jungle Mountain is so big, that, when you are at the very top, you can touch the clouds.  

Tom’s best friends are the elephants, and he visits them every day. 

Tom isn’t like the other children in the village, and he often feels left out because no one understands him. But the elephants do. When Tom talks, he hums and makes low grumbling sounds in his throat, just like the elephants. The elephants understand Tom and Tom understands the elephants. 

One day at Kindy, Tom was selected for show and tell. He had been dreading this because he was different and didn’t talk like the others. Tom runs out of the room and to his friends the elephants.  

The children and his teacher visit Tom and his friends the elephants for a very special show and tell. Together, they learn that everyone is different and that’s ok. 




Maia and her horse Star are the best of friends. Every day Maia and Star play outside and at night Maia sits with Star in the barn and shares her bedtime story. Maia would tell Star that she wished she could grow enormous wings and they could fly off together to visit magical lands. 

One day, Maia was telling Star about a new story they were going to read that night when she learns that she must go to her Grandma’s to stay. Maia becomes upset because she wanted to read her story with Star. 

That night, she has trouble falling asleep until her Grandma teaches her how to go on a special adventure in her dreams.  

Maia learns that the power of her imagination and dreaming can make almost anything come true… just not in the way she thought it would. 



Ariki was turning five and he was having a pirate party. All his friends from Kindy were invited and everyone was very excited.  

Ariki was swept up in hugs and “Happy Birthdays” and “open my present first.” Everyone wanted to be next to Ariki because he was the star of the day.  

At first, Ariki was having lots of fun. He was having the best birthday ever. But after a while, this started to change.  

The music became too loud, the yelling and running with his friends became too much, and all the “Happy Birthdays” and attention from everyone felt like a big messy jumble of colors, sounds and too many people. Ariki became over-whelmed. 

But Ariki’s Grandpa takes him on a special adventure, high above the land. Ariki learns that he has the power to grow mind wings and help himself when he is feeling anxious and over-whelmed.  



This integration class offers children a magical experience as they return to the Magic Story Tree.

They discover how their own magic has helped Nixie the Rainbow Dragon and the Magic Story Tree, whilst discovering their own inner magic along the way.

What’s included in The Magic Story Tree Kindy Program

  • Training Videos to guide you through the new components and exercises 
  • Training MP3s and Videos of each lesson
  • 9 Lesson Scripts
  • MP3s for Lesson Delivery9 Newsletters for Parents – “Story TreeTimes”
  • Facilitator’s Toolkit including social media kit, email copy, certificate templates for kids   
  • Workshop  / Mini Class Plan              


        BONUS Chakradance Daily Practice for you to deepen your own Chakradance experience. 

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        What others have said about Chakradance Kids

        These stories are so clever. I love the language and how everything aligns perfectly! Such great relevant tools for children  – Ginny Waide , Chakradance Kids Facilitator, AUS


        “Thank you Anna and Natalie for your wisdom, friendship and connection. I feel so honoured to be delivering this magic to as many children as I can.” Mary Diamond, Chakradance Kids Facilitator, AUS


        “We are so fortunate to have had this opportunity and experience this terrific program. Chakradance Kids has all the important aspects of Learning. Imagination, creativity, story time, dance, movement, breathing techniques, stress management, coping skills & respect. The children always felt safe, comfortable and loved. This is a terrific program.”  – Doreen, Teacher, Canada


        “Your Programs are Brilliant and can help so many children and adults all over the world. Yes, I also wish that your programs were around when I was young. I sadly know so many people who would be different people today if your programs were available when they were younger. Some might even be alive today. Incredibly Awesome.” – Jodee, Teacher, USA


        I work full time, Director of an Early Childhood Program. The program is fascinating and opens up a world of imagination. I love teaching it. The stories open up discussion and help children prepare and think. The creative movement part is moving to the rhythm and feel of the music. Telling the story with your body. The creative art is helping children expand on what they learned. I have taken photos of their mandalas. They are so beautiful! The children also learn to connect to their breath, learning skills on how to calm themselves.
        I highly recommend Chakradance Kids!  – Claudine, Director Early Childhood Center, Canada 

          About The Founders…
          Anna Kelly (3)

          Anna brings over 22 years as a highly experienced holistic therapist, counsellor and healer to Chakradance™ Kids.

          Before co-founding Chakradance™ Kids (formerly inamojo) with Natalie in 2013, Anna also taught yoga and wellbeing to children in schools, kindergartens and in her own yoga school. 


          Natalie is the creator of the world-renowned movement therapy modality Chakradance™, a Hay House author and co-founder of Chakradance™ Kids.

          Natalie brings over 30 years of experience in Jungian analysis, dance therapy and healing practice to the Chakradance™ Kids. 


          No. Because you have already completed the original Facilitator Training, you do not have to complete a new training. There is however, a training attached to this program that you need to complete in order to successfully facilitator this program.

          No, you only need to pay an annual US$300 License fee as we want to support you in growing your business. Please note: if your license lapses, you will then be placed under the new license payment of US$500 per year.

          The Kindy program has been developed for children between the ages of 3-6 years.