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Natalie Southgate

Natalie is the creator of the world-renowned movement therapy modality Chakradance™, a Hay House author and co-founder of Chakradance™ Kids, Natalie brings over 30 years of experience in Jungian analysis, dance therapy and healing practice to the Chakradance™ Kids. 

Anna Kelly (3)

Anna Kelly

Anna brings over 20 years as a highly experienced holistic therapist, counsellor and healer to Chakradance™ Kids. Before co-founding Chakradance™ Kids (formerly inamojo) with Natalie in 2013, Anna also taught yoga and wellbeing to children in schools, kindergartens and in her own yoga school. 

Once Upon a Time…

Natalie was a deeply sensitive and caring child who found dancing and talking to spirits as being the most natural way of being in the world. Since as far back as she can remember, Natalie always knew she wanted to do a job that helped people. When she found the College of Psychic Studies in London and trained as an energy healer and a Jungian therapist over 30 years ago, Natalie felt she was finally on destiny’s path. Fast-forward a few years and she was sitting at her kitchen table, head in hands, in floods of tears. Natalie was exhausted, burnt-out and felt like a fraud. Here she was trying to help other people heal their lives when her own was a mess.

Natalie wasn’t making enough money doing her healing work full time, and so had to continue doing a corporate recruiting job to pay the bills (shudders). Her body was shutting down, her health was deteriorating, and she was miserable. Natalie felt she had no choice but to give up on having the life she knew she was here to lead. She threw her hands up in the air (no like the song because she did care!) and prayed to be shown a way.

To cut a long story short, Natalie’s prayers were answered when the modality Chakradance literally poured through her one night with a whizz, band and a pop! The magic had arrived! At first Natalie thought it was just a way to help heal herself. Every time she danced, she let go of some more pain and began to feel more alive and vibrant. Natalie’s life began to change in all kinds of amazing ways. Friends and clients noticed, and they wanted some of what she was having! Word spread across the lands and Chakradance quickly became her full-time job. Natalie travelled the lands to share Chakradance with whoever was called to experience it (and she’s now worked with many thousands of people sharing the medicine of Chakradance).

Fast forward a few more years and Natalie was gifted with two beautiful children… and with them the calling to create Chakradance for children! After some beautiful trials (we’ll share more of those in training) Natalie called out once again to the Universe, asking for help; as she knew she couldn’t do this alone. And Universe once again delivered…

Anna had been raised in a creatively nurturing environment, where dance, yoga, writing and talking to spirit was the norm. She had spent years the studying the healing arts for people and animals, yoga teaching, natural medicine and holistic counselling and like many healers on the path of service, was over servicing and rapidly burning out. Over these years, she had been drawn to work deeply with the chakras as a way to help others find their own inner magic, through yoga, chanting and mudras and when her own daughter was born, it was as though full permission to create and re-ignite the magical channels was granted!

However, the burn out was edging closer and sustaining a wellbeing practice, yoga school, and pouring heart and soul into raising a human was becoming impossible…and the warnings were not headed. An angel visited Anna and gave a very clear message to slow down, otherwise something would be presented that would leave no choice. Anna listened but also responded with, ‘yes…soon.’  Two weeks later, Anna had no choice but to stop through an injury that halted all practices and required over a year’s worth of healing on every level. Towards the ending of her healing, Anna returned to teaching yoga, focusing mainly on children. Her classes were woven with her stories, magic and of course the chakras. But she could feel something was still missing… Universe had been gently nudging Chakradance towards Anna… and she responded to the call. She saw an ad in a Parenting magazine for Facilitator training and there was a resounding YES from her soul. Without having ever tried a class, she signed up for the training and within 3 weeks had sent Natalie an email…she had had a vision and it couldn’t be ignored. The email whooshed out like a spirit bird taking flight..landing in Natalie’s inbox with a magical ping…

And the rest is not history, but the beginning… 12 years later and each chapter we write on our path of helping children across the world, is filled with magic and people like you, who are here to share the journey. We’re writing the Sacred Manual, for children, and their children’s children, filled with enriching and soul nurturing lessons to be passed down.

Are you ready to write your own chapter and become part of the Chakradance Kids story?